Searching of swindlers and debtors


In case of not simple economic situation in our country swindlers very quickly appear in business relationships. In order that to shut off itself from many problems it is necessary to design the required documents, receipts, bills of exchange of and other, that farther more, if there will be claims, it was possible to confirm authenticity of your words.

Swindlers in most cases comes to light in their debts. In order not to return a debt swindlers do the following: change the place of inhabitation, in another cases change the last name of and other In such cases the best of all to appeal to our private detective agency. The "БІТТ"  detective agency can help in such situations, thus without judicial trials. It can help to save prestige of firm and not lose permanent


At the search of debtors all data are secret. Debtors are searched by specialists that have necessary  experience in this sphere. If a debtor refuses to repay debt, then a detective agency will acquaint you with the results of search of debtor. All data are legal and in subsequent can be passed in a court. All works on a search and return of debtors are conducted qualitatively, clearly and stage-by-stage.

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