Search of missing persons

This problem is very popular in the modern world. Foremost, our detectives possess enormous experience in this area, having a good technical base and using the methods for a positive result. A private detective agency is the place, where your request will be examined but not put in the distant corner of table and we will not ask you to come in a few weeks/ We’ll start solving problems at once. If legal enforcement authorities can not help in the search of missing person, then the only way is to start private search. Private professional specialists will manage search of


As a rule, 70 % of missing persons are adult men, who left for other country to earn money, and also persons binging alcohol, drugs or mentally ill people. 10-15 % are the less- ages. According to statistics, 90 % people come back into the first days. What to do, if somebody have disappeared? It is foremost necessary to hand in an application to police, statement shall be accepted in any police department without depending on the place of smb’s disappearance. If a child disappeared, law enforcement authorities proceed to the search at once, but if adult disappeared  police can behave to this with the stake of formalism. Therefore you can independently undertake measures on the search of disappearing. Firstly, it is necessary to poll all relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, maybe then you will get valuable information. It is necessary also to call "first-aid" and "Bureau of casualty registration”

And if searches did not give results, then it is necessary to appeal to the private detective agency. A search of people by means of services of private detective agency is a guarantee that to your problem will belong very attentively and specialists will do everything possible, to find anyone.

Missing person is a person who disappeared  without any  considered reasons. For realization of search it is necessary to define the following:

-         passport data (last name, name, date of birth, address of registration, place of residence);
- time and date of disappearance;

-         the last known location (supposed route and following place);

-         connections, fascinations, activity, mutual relations with surrounding, emotional state, character, diseases(if exist);

-         appearance (clothing, objects, of a disappearing person, photo, special peculiarities: birth marks, tattoos, scars, etc.);

 - Having all the information about we will organize the individual search complex

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