Personal safety of a private person


Persons, who have material welfares, public people, people related to business or participating in some financial operations, transactions with the real estate, frequently get in networks of the swindlers, not conscientious partners or interested third persons. Naturally, a person falling under one of foregoing categories undertakes measures on safety of the personal life or material welfares, but these measures not always are successful. For example: in transactions with the real estate a malefactor must watch every step of the future victim, he watches her or his hidden, fixes every action, sets persons participating to the object of transaction and another interested persons, in order to cut off undesirable competitors or especially active relatives, awakes interest public servants, develops a whole chart. Other example: blackmail of participants of single business, with the purpose of the individual laying hands on business by one of participants  - this is a sleaze war.


Another example: the interested person wants just to frighten the object of watching, a malefactor operates openly enough. There is the same action in all the examples - hidden supervision is used in all examples.


Inquiry agent, is first of all, a detective, a person conferred the right to carry out the search of persons and property, perfectly understanding measures sent to the receipts of information of different rumour, it means that an inquiry agent perfectly understands methodology of observer’s  behavior, bringing inconvenience and anxiety!


The detectives of "БІТТ" agency will help you to educe persons trying to violate illegally the secrets of your personal life, collect information about your compromising character in order to take on you psychological rebound or to blackmail on purpose to predispose you to what unacceptable for you actions or decisions promising you heavy tolls (business reputation, brand, family) or for preparation to another illegal actions, If you felt that you or your relatives are watched by suspicious persons, call to our specialists, we will help you.


If intention and guilt of malefactor will be well-proven, we will be able to render assistance to you in laying an action in regard to a malefactor.


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