Juridical services


We offer the complete complex of lawyer services and carry out complex safety in general courts, arbitration courts, investigative agencies, services of lawyers in a civil, administrative, criminal, labour, housing, domestic law and other branches of law.


For of our clients’ safety, we carry out the following services:

-         all-round examination of all affair materials

-         examination of documents appearing on affair

-         an assembly of additional proofs

-         making of legal position and strategy of its realization

-         realization of negotiations with an opposite side

-         an extra-judicial settlement of question in behalf on a client

-         drafting of point of claim and serve of it in a court

-         drafting of review on the point of claim, if a client plays role of defendant

-         client litigation  during a trial

-         receipt of judicial acts and acquaintance with them


Our lawyers  protect clients in disputes on the following:

- confession of ownership’s right
-  material and  moral damage compensation
- dissolution of marriage, property division, penalty of alimonies
- pre-schedule return of driving certification
- protection of authorial rights
- penalty of debt
- insurance companies
- organizations and establishments of all patterns of ownership

If  having an adjudgement you don’t fully or partly agree with it, our lawyers  will appeal any judicial act in higher appellate, appeal and supervisory instances. Our lawyers will protect you from the wrong acts of public servants, including law enforcement, inquisitional and judicial authorities.

Also, you can order a request due to FORM of FEED-BACK