Іntellectual property protection


Intellectual property (eng of Іntellectual property) - in the wide understanding means the exceptional rights vested by a law on the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization. A legislation that determines rights on intellectual property sets the monopoly of authors on the certain forms of drawing on the results of the intellectual, creative activity, that, thus, can be used by other persons only with permission the first.


The "БІТТ" detective agency renders services to Ukrainian and foreign organizations and citizens on legal defense of intellectual property. Our lawyers skilled advise and render services in regard to any results of intellection and facilities of individualization, including services in regard to such objects of patent right, as an invention, useful model, industrial prototype, trademark (trade mark), and also services in the protection of the authorial and allied rights, services in preparation and accompaniment of licence contracts, agreements on the transmission of technologies and know-how.


Registration of trademark, receipt of patent on an invention, useful model and industrial prototype (patenting), protection of authorial rights are often our rendered services.

Also we are specialized on judicial defence of intellectual property. Our lawyers are of interest principals in the courts of any level.

Our services:

- advising on questions of legal position of intellectual property objects and features of their practical usage in economic activity of enterprise;

-  an analysis and drafting of licence contracts, agreement on the concession of rights on the objects of intellectual property, strengthening of position of "weak side" in an agreement;

 - the legal providing of safety of commercial secret of organization production (KNOW-HOW);

-          claim work, in case of violation of rights for the possessor of trademark, patents and another objects of intellectual property;

- extra-judicial permissions of conflict situations with violation of rights for a legal owner and user;

-  preparation of documents for the trial of business in the court of any instance (point of claim, appellate, appeal and supervisory complaints, and also another documents);

-  a representative office of interests in general courts and arbitration courts.

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