Economic security of Business


Main question related to effective development of enterprises of any type is economic security of business. Now there is a sticky wicket that certainly requires to be thoughtful on the question of business safety. While examining this question more concrete it should be noted that economic security both legal and natural persons and interests of property of firms or companies need.


Correct organization of economic security requires concrete and laconic application of all resources that have enterprises, are namely: skilled, economical, intellectual and other. Only effective organization is able to prevent existent threats for your company, providing here its correct functioning in future.


Providing of economic security of business has the combined descriptions, both quality and quantitative indexes. Organization of the systems that have economic security is the major stage in the improvement of strength of all economic constituent of enterprise security. So the observance of safety rules is required in all constituents of work of your business. Basic constituents are the different directions considerably different are the following :


- Financial;
- Skilled and intellectual;
- Technic and technological;
- Legal;
- Ecological;
- Informative;
- Power and labour.


The all above enumerated constituents have certain features, descriptions and affecting general economic security. In addition, every constituent possesses concrete criteria that necessarily needs to be taken into account, deciding intricate problems.

Main rule is as follows: to use all constituents of present business, and also effectively to make totality with the correct proportions of corporate resource. Very often many leaders and proprietors of firms use data of resource not logically, that considerably reduces efficiency in the achievement of the put aims


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