Data acquisition in a civil action


Data acquisitionis one of main factors assisting the positive result of investigation. Our employees are professional detectives with considerable luggage of experience pick-a-back. We use unique methodology in the investigations and in particular in collection of information.

 Data acquisition means both gaining information in a civil action and on administrative and criminal matters. Due to numerous connections in different authorities we will get necessary information in the earliest possible dates, that will accelerate the process of investigation notedly. We will render any possible help to your lawyer.


Do you need to check somebody's alibi? And here we are able to help you. Our employees will do everything, that they can, with the purpose of receipt of maximally possible volume of information and on its basis will draw conclusion about authenticity, or falseness of the checked up alibi.

 The information collected by an inquiry agent can matter not only in the stage of investigation but also to serve founding for laying an action. Service of inquiry agent are also highly sought.

The information collected by an inquiry agent must correspond to the certain terms.

Firstly, information, mattering for establishment of circumstances subject to proving, must be connected with the criminal case on that entered into a contract with the participant of process.

Secondly, it must contain instruction of the source of this information receipt. If in the materials presented by an inquiry agent, the information got by the agent  is reported depersonalized, without pointing of source, it cannot be used like an evident.


Thirdly, there must be possibility of verification of legality of receipt of information: whether the indicated type of private of criminal investigation activity, as a result of that information is got, enters, in the list set by Law, whether there were grounds for a private of criminal investigation action, in particular, whether the set order of receipt of information is observed; whether measures are conducted on gaining information a competent person - by private of criminal investigation organization or inquiry agent.

Fourthly, the got information must contain data, allowing to check them in the order envisaged by a criminal processual legislation.

In future the participant of process passes to documents and objects the person, carrying out a production in criminal business. Thus a solicitor can be declared about realization of certain judicial actions.

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