Control after children


Are you disturbed by strange behavior of your child? Did your child get other interests or did  he or she stop communicate with you? Did his or her behavior cause you only questions? And you don’t get any answers, do you? And don’t you know what is going on with your child? How can you make an  influence to help him or her if there is such necessity?

Children – are our heart’s-blood! We cherish them and take care of, but sooner or later, however a moment comes, when they have to be released in the independent life. But only to the moment, while a tobacco, alcohol, drugs or another ruinous habits, will appear on their "territory". However, it is not simply to recognize them; modern teenagers know how to make one’s way by shifts and to lie, how to dissimulate bad actions. They get out of paternal hand, have own secrets, own "territories".


If you have reasons to suspect a child in something not quite good, or you don’t like people surrounding him or her, or you simply want to carry conviction he or she is all right, then we suggest to take advantage of you service from verification of children’s way. Inquiry agent, unnoticed and privately for a child, without humiliating his dignity, will conduct watching people surrounding your child, and will educe his interests.


Don’t lose time, if such problem was brought down on your family! Appeal to our detective agency! Our highly skilled specialists will help you necessarily! They will educe reasons of negative behavior of your child, and similarly will conduct careful verification of circle of his commonunication. If there will be such necessity, then we’ll set a supervision on your child.


We will help to normalize a situation you in family, and similarly to provide safety of your child, enclose him from negative influence, that will give possibility of happy life to all of you!

Our actions will help effectively prevent the negative actions of teenager in the future. For example, care from home, feasance of offences or drug addiction. Don’t tighten with the decision of this question, if cannot make independently influence on a child and enclose your child from negative influence of his or him social network. Whether it is needed to remember that during a supervision all got information, will never go out outside an agency. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


As is known, teens are hidden quite a bit dangers for our children. Exactly in this period there is probability to assume errors that in future it will be very difficult to correct. Therefore defence of children in teens is most actual. Responsible parents always take measure on teenager’s defence, in fact exactly the safe passing depends the child of this vital stage.

How will private criminal investigation help to protect your child?

Very often children, especially teenagers, are very secretive and reluctantly go to the contact with adults. Besides they have many secrets about that responsible parents simply are under an obligation to know. To understand, what is the matter and how to protect a child, many families call to services of "БІТТ" detective agency. Exactly inquiry agents can give necessary information, execute verification of way of life of child, check his circle of communication to advise, what measures to undertake.

Types of detective services in defence of children :

• providing of the hidden supervision and defence of child on different cultural and mass measures (discos, concerts, other);
• finding out of circle of communication of child, establishment of places which your child visits, showdown with class-mates and teachers, verification of way of child’s life;
• analysis on doing drug, including, in a secret, from a child;
• search of children

All types of detective services in defence of children are conducted privately, your child does not know anything about it, and you will always remain with him in good relations. The "БІТТ" detective agency will help to set the veritable picture of what is going on you and undertake necessary measures on defence of child. 

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