Checking of personal details


Quite often there can be a situation in our life, when it is necessary to get some information from the certain closed databases. Unfortunately, similar information, as a rule, is closed from extraneous eyes from considerations of safety. In order that to get data it is needed or to have acquaintances in certain state organizations or services or, as a variant, to appeal for help in the private "БІТТ" detective agency the specialists of that for the fixed pay will get and will check all necessary information.


The most popular information for ordinary citizens is the following: database of main expert in narcology and database of municipal telephone network, base of central address-certificate bureau, base of zonal informative center, and also database of single state register of rights.


It is not a secret that various versions above-mentioned and many other databases spread piratic methods. It is at a desire possible to find the salesman of interesting database in a subway, on radio markets and in other different places. But at the purchase of such database from hands a customer always risks to purchase a pig in a poke. The salespeople of "secret information" very often is unrespectable and without ceremony can exchange your money for fiction or on a product that will dissatisfy your expectations. In addition, pirates operate and in a network the Internet. There is a row of web-sites, on that it is possible either to get access some database or purchase her wholly. Again, from a risk in this situation nobody is insured as easy as anything, taking advantage of similar possibility, to throw out money.


Most of successful agencies working with the real estate try to get hold all actual in their work bases by all means. Very often procedure of receipt passes by means of the connections put right in time with to the employees of government services.


Verification on the bases of credit history is also very popular. In this service, first of all, persons who were said no in the credit drawing are interested, but they would like to know on what reason. Some organizations and private persons offer such type of services. Appealing for help, it is possible to obtain information about unpaid fines, facts of previous conviction, to the debts on the different types of services. Also there is possibility to order verification on the databases of any legal entity. Accounting will plug in itself, both registration data, membership of founders and information about activity of company on Mass Media. 


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