Checking of employees


Every firm aspires to successful existence and expansion. But there is a problem at its expansion - new employees are needed. How to choose a person, who will love to the work, and bring the contribution to prosperity of firm? Most companies do not possess sufficient facilities in an order to have an administrative agency. An inquiry agent can help you in this case. For a certain pay, able to pick up a necessary personnel and give to recommendation in relation to the fitness of candidate on work.


An inquiry agent, taking work for his implementation, makes agreement with a company on preparation of complete set documents. These documents are filled by a candidate.

Work of inquiry agent consists of:
-  background of candidate check;
-  verification, whether it is not for the candidate of connections in other firms - competitors, state structures.


Whether there is not previous conviction verification with all the necessary reasons;
To verification of places, where a candidate worked and why retired.

After this verification a detective will give the complete estimation of candidate to you. Agent will say you, whether important it is an employee for a firm or it is necessary to search


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