Checking of accommodation


With development of competition in the environment of free enterprise, a fight against industrial and economic espionage becomes one of priority tasks in the field of safety of business. Industrial espionage is conducted mainly with the purpose of conquest of markets of sale, exception of technological breaches of competitors, blowing off negotiations on contracts, resale of brandname secrets etc.


To exposure of the electronic devices of output of information (book-mark devices, " bugs") realization of the special inspection of apartments is needed. The special inspection of apartments is a difficult organizationally-technical measure.

In this case detective agent’s  tasks are to work at the  following territory:

- In any apartment indicated by a customer (office, dwelling object, conference hall etc)
- In any time (including week ends and in a night-time, not interfering with basic activity of customer) set by a customer;
- In the earliest possible dates determined by a customer;
-  Registration of complete set of resulting documents with recommendations on creation or revision of the existent system of defence of object;
- Equipment of object facilities of priv.
-  Realization of inspection of cars.


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