Business security Services


Detective services in business safety are conducted both in advising form and  permanent collaboration in-process on providing of safety business. It is the timely warning and suppression of illegial actions from the competitors, personnel etc.


It is known that the universal system of safety does not exist. Every system on it is unique, but all of them contain the instruments of secret service, analytic geometry and means of technical control. As a rule these tasks are so specific that it is necessary to attract outside specialists.


We dispose the state of the specially prepared employees. That’s why we are able to offer you corresponding solutions for organization of your safety system.

Complex of services in providing of business safety are as following:

Competition secret service: realization of complex of measures on defence and receipt of confidential information.
Skilled safety: finding out biographic and another, characterizing personality of data about employees at a conclusion with their labour contracts.
Analytical secret service: research and information providing at a conduct enterprise

Informative safety: complete providing of informatively-economic safety of activity of enterprise.
Technical safety: the special technical equipments and methods of providing of business safety.
Organization of security service: recommendations on giving of the prepared employees of the personal, office guard.


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