Cost of agent’s works depends on complication and work content of the task and charges necessary for its implementation.

There are no two absolutely identical situations. For solving one problem, at first it is necessary to conduct one of criminal investigation measure, but then it appears, that there is not enough all complex of the given services. For solving another problem, it seems insoluble practically, but getting necessary information - an exit is traced instantly. Therefore without the thorough analysis of order, it is difficult to specify the cost of necessary services.


For example, when owner of a car calls service says: "Something knocks in an engine, how much repair costs?" A motor mechanic never will say you without diagnostics "what exactly knocks there " and "how much it will cost to repair". Just about the same deal we have.

The cost of services is determined after the personal meeting of customer (or by his representatives) and detective, after the understanding of forthcoming work. Meeting is possible in the office of agency or, on a preliminary agreement, in comfortable to the customer place. Execution of order is conducted after signing of corresponding agreement between two parties. Also you can order the request due to FEED-BACK FORM.