Services of the Detective Agency "БІТТ"

For companies:

-         verification of contractors and personnel;

-         consulting in questions of business safety;

-         independent verification of security service;

-         search of swindlers and debtors;

-         counterwatching;

-         secret service of business competition;

-         quality verification of apartments as of bug and supervision devices;

-         settlement of disputes with commercial debtors;

-         suppression and exposure of thefts and stealing on workplaces;

-         accompaniment of commercial transactions;

-         providing of business safety;

-         data acceptance on violation of and patent copyrights;

-         legal consulting

For private persons:

-         verification of operations with the real estate and its history

-         verification of cars in cases of RTI, bug devices, and history of registration;

-         verification of car in lists of stolen cars;

-         search of the property stolen before;

-         providing of the personal safety


General services of detective agency both for legal and physical persons:

-         data acceptance on the Ukrainians and foreigners from neighbouring countries and beyond;

-         search of missing people;

-         verification of labour mutual relations of any object;

-         checking of personal information;

-         installation of  hidden video-supervision

-         lawyer services.

Detective agency services for families:

-         verification of way of life of minor family members;

-         exposure of treasons and faithfulness of the married couples (video- and photomaterials);

-         assisting  in the reversion;

-         data acceptance on a groom and fiancée;

-         permission of domestic conflicts and disputes;

-         assisting for parents  in childrearing (care from home, child's offences, drug addiction, smoking etc.);


Civil and criminal cases:

-         rendering assistance to the advocates;

-         data acceptance for necessary clarification;

-         establish in alibi;


And also a lot of other detective services.
Many problems today are individual, therefore you need necessarily to contact us and get the most complete consultation on your concrete situation.