детективное агентство киевIn our life there are many unpleasant moments which cannot be solved frequently and single-handed. Detective agency “БІТТ” is incorporated for this purpose. With our inquiry agents you can share any hoodoos and problems and we will always answer all the questions and help you. Our inquiry agents have long-term practice in different public organs and enormous experience in investigation of the tangled affairs.


 Contact with our detectives if you are disturbed by economic security of the company or you need information about physical and legal persons. An inquiry agent will help you to see into all the domestic matters and difficulties. The detective agency "БІТТ" solves all your problems quickly, qualitatively and confidentially.

Many of successful measures were conducted during our company existence. Your confidentiality and positive result are guaranteed while contacting with our detective agency. Quality and fruitfulness of rendered services are our main values.  


Our guarantees


- Efficiency and absence of bureaucratic obstacles


We proceed to work at once after the first appeal. We do not ask you to make a statement or wait a few twenty-four hours. We start acting immediately, using all skills and resources.


- Activity over all the territory of Ukraine and abroad

There Is absolutely no difference, where you and your interests are. We provide reliable security and expert help in any city of country. We are not interested in the place of your registration, we do not pass business to "other" department.


- Specialists with solid experience

Specialists of detective agency possess the solid statement of service in power-wielding structures. Now we are ready to apply all knowledge, skills and abilities for providing of your safety. 


- Absolute confidentiality


All data about our clients are accessible only to the specialists of agency. We provide individual prosecution of every task.


What is the difference between detective agency “Bitt” and police?

Police: large stream of businesses, not always sufficient amount of resources, small personal interest in a result and, as a consequence, low efficiency.


"БІТТ": after the detailed analysis of business we will work out the plan of actions, that will help to understand with your problem. There is no typical instruction for all, it is created depending on your tasks and problems. We always have necessary resources to help to you. Individual approach and necessary amount of specialists guarantee high efficiency of any task.