A faithless wife

A bluebell above the door of detective agency announced about arrival of visitor. The refined gloss gave out in the man a successful businessman. Professional inscrutable of his face did not give out any essences of appeal to a detective agency. It seems to be a sixth sense of the man. The businessman was doubtful of his young and beautiful wife’s loyalty.


The husband tormented by doubts cannot neither confirm the fears nor blow about his wife because of her magnificent actor game, complicit on an intuitional woman cunning, warmed-up a human avidity plus dissatisfaction in its fully certain sense.


His desire to make clear a situation was fully clear.

It was his choice what to do:  to resort the classic facilities (like Raskolnikov or Saljeri) or to choose the civilized way of divorce in case of treason.


In general, initial information is as follows: a wife, medical worker, together with a few colleagues is a member of an international conference delegation on modern medicine questions. The conference will take place in one of south countries during two weeks.

The supposed tempter is a chief of wife, who, of course, also sets forth to this journey.

That is enough for a detective agency: an inquiry agent proceeds to execution and becomes a shade of the suspected of infidelity wife.

A few days to departure an inquiry agent had to represent a Karlsson, living on the roof of building opposite the medical establishment, where the wife of rich, but not happy businessman works.


In a hope on the conspirators carelessness, a detective watched the way of life of hospital in the breech-sight of powerful photographical rifle. Expectance did not justify itself - they were too careful. Or is it innocent enough? The agent gonna have to fly on a conference.

There was nothing suspicious in an airplane flying to south. It is hardly possible to consider the wanton chief’s glances to the seductive lady, as a proof.


A conference really took place, but the real pre-arranged duration, mentioned in the program is only one week.

Providing a supervision in the hall of meeting, an inquiry agent found out much new and interesting in the field of angioplasty and stenting.

However, getting knowledge of scientific terms did not last for a long: from a fourth day chief and women, left off visiting conference meetings and gave way to rest: sea, beach, hikes on shopping excursions.

In general, everything is settled except for... A picture was magnificent: kiss, however, wasn’t a copy off on the minute weakness winnowed by transient tropical sunset.

Subsequent pictures from series "18+" also confirmed it. Neither duties on a roof, nor torture by scientific abracadabra, nor slow toasting in an ambush on a beach nor peep-hole of view-finder of camera printed on face – all the tests an inquiry agent got through were not vain.

On the next meeting with a businessman an inquiry agent conducted an unhurried story, laying out on a table solitaire from photos.

He told about a woman was not registered in the list of official participants of conference, diligently avoided to one another chief and inferior to departure, about spies plays, reaching to the airport different ways, about they registered themselves in an off-shore hotel on one last name, about choosing a swimming suit which a woman didn’t take at home, and about other methods of concealment of vicious connection and pastime of traitors.

 Detective agency services are accessible to all, therefore, ladies, setting forth for working or nonworking tour, mean that maybe, you’ve already got some secret shade appeared with a camera.