Children under the care …

Spreading tears and choking down sobs, an opulent  woman told about her run of home daughter Diana. Woman and her well-off husband appealed to the detective agency to find the student girl hastily and secretly abandoning a paternal house.


Before entering institute Diana was a fully adequate sociable girl. Irritability and nervousness, daily tears without visible reasons appeared only with beginning of studying  at a prestige institute.

Studying was not good: something wasn’t learnt at school, something wasn’t understood at lectures. Therefore no wonder that before examination Diana had a terribly headache. Groupmate offered a pill from a headache.


Pain stepped back, the new feeling came: extraordinary lightness abutting upon feeling of flight. Virtue grinned only - there is a derivant of LCD in pills. "No, by no means, no drug, Lord forbid! It is a stimulator of cerebral activity. And look, almost all at a course use these pills".

First semester passed, then another one. By means of miracle pills. Soon Diana already could not treat day without an illegal chemical product - a girl hooked on pills, she was hooked… And, alike, not by chance. Soon the spreader of pills asked Diana to bring some document from her father’s safe. Diana got under the press of blackmail. Soonthedocumentsdisappearedfromhome. Then Diana also disappeared.

All of it emerged on our detective agency motion investigation.

Detective agency deport on the spreader of pills, who practically told voluntarily, that bad guys "by" chance appearing the black contractors of Diana's father.
They demanded to get documents, and,  actually, Diana was pulled depths of drug addiction.

Specialists of detective agency did a really good work: they collected material proving actions of competitors of Diana’s father who was a visible businessman. And then they found Diana: she was living in her groupmate’s apartment during all the period.

Chink in armour of all parents are their children. Many troubles can be avoided, if in good time to explain children, what is well and what is  badly.

Do not forget that children, either junior schoolchildren or graduating students-students, are defenceless before adults. Besides, getting in unpleasant situations, they don’t like to apply for help to their parents.

Take a leap but not inflict yourself on your child!