Detective services nowadays

Not long ago Detective services were only like a phrase from a foreign film. Today it is a fully legal type of business and moreover - very useful. Unfaithfullness of wife, outward watching a man, watching competitors - these delicate tasks cannot be charged to the casual man. 


Private detective services - is one of methods of decision of the above-mentioned "delicate questions". As a rule, a good detective agency cooperates both with legal and physical entities. Experience specialists with rich professional and vital experience are included to detective agency services.

Services of detective agency aree realized on legal grounds. All actions of employees are regulated by a "Private detective and guard activity" law. Thus an inquiry agent acting in accordance with client’s interests  has a right to acceptance different information and provide supervisions.

Official data of criminalistic records from the different card indexes of the unidentified bodies, dactyloscopic bases, lists of the stolen or lost weapon, records on criminals from external data, lists of lost and stolen passports and other specific bases of power structures are the origin of basic information for the detective agency.

What is a basic difference between services of commercial detective agency and police work? First of all, it is the special attention to the client. It’s not secret, that at police there is a large stream of businesses, insufficient amount of technical resources, and low personal interest in end-point. So as a consequence the result is null.

Detective agency services include the following: the detailed analysis of situation, development of the detailed plan of actions, consideration of all possibilities of decision of a problem. Detective agent has all necessary facilities to help client. Sometimes there are practice cases which go beyond usual scopes, breaking the folded stereotypes.


For example, once a wagon transporting very large and expensive a consignment from Odesa to Kyiv disappeared. A driver disappeared together with a transport. All versions were processrd, the main was, certainly, criminal. However, all appeared simpler: detectives found a driver in a cheap wayside cafe, where he gave way to the hard drinking during a few days.


As a rule, an inquiry agent gets along at the task of client far better, because he is working only on one matter - the matter of client. He does not have a plan for a week or inadequate orders from the authority, our specialists work not for "a mark", but on a result. The detective agent reports only for a customer! A specialist can help on business, to that a police, for a couple of reasons, maybe will work formally, as, for example, in this case.


The other day in Kyiv a man took advantage for the detective agency with a not quite ordinary request. His car was periodically exposed to the attack of vandals. Glasses were broken up, tires were pricked, once a car was even stained by a paint. Hooligans were not interested in machines standing next door. The owner of car did not have the personal enemies or serious competitors in business. A detective had to watch the "ferrous horse" of customer a few days, and he quite a bit was surprised, when saw as hooligan actions were accomplished by the victim’s wife. As she explained, it was her revenge for husband’s "play away”.

It should be noted that all materials got through private detectives can be used in a court. However, most clients do not go to the court. Experience has shown that in most cases detective services are directed not as much on crime detection, but on warning a near-accident.